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Coaching should always be personalized, as each client comes to us at a different place in their career.  Merely guessing at a choice of tiered or ambiguous services or packages online simply doesn’t work.  You are an individual and services should be customized to your particular needs.  At A-Plus, single services and coaching packages are all tailored to you!

  • Career Exploration & Transition: Discover options and determine the right career fit for you.

  • Career Management:  Learn how to be prepared for any significant career event.

  • Interview Coaching: Participate in unique strategy sessions to identify your key success factors.

  • Executive Coaching:  Want to be a better leader, then developing your management and leadership skills are paramount to your success.  

  • Additional Coaching Services:  Multiple coaching services available, please see the list below, call us, or complete free consultation form for more information.

How We Work

We start with a FREE phone consultation to determine your needs and offer service or package recommendations based on your particular circumstances. This means everything is tailored to you! As with other A-Plus Career and Resume, LLC services, there are no extras to be added on later unless you choose more services – no surprises – just a clear-cut price.

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You aren’t cookie-cutter and neither is your career so pricing can’t be determined by merely picking a package online. You receive an exact quote after a FREE in-depth phone consultation to determine the complexity of your specific needs. This means, no extras to be added on later unless you decide you want more services – no surprises – just a clear-cut price.

  • Please call Karen Silins at 816-942-3019 or contact us for a price quote.

Coaching Packages

We provide multiple coaching services, all customized to fit your needs. These services include but are not limited to: career exploration, career transition, personal branding, interview coaching, mock interviews, job search coaching, networking coaching, social media management, executive coaching, career management, image consulting, values clarification, salary negotiation, and multiple career assessments and inventories.

  • Let A-Plus Career and Resume put you on an immediate path to success. Click here for your free consultation now!
  • Career Exploration & Transition

    Discover options and determine the right career fit for you.  We utilize the following in our coaching packages:

  • In-depth intake sessions and validated assessments to identify optimal targets for position and industry based on behaviors, personality, skills, values, and occupational motivations.

  • Establishing what options are most valuable but realistic in your next career.  These include, salary, benefits, work-life balance, availability in metropolitan area(s), current industry growth, technology requirements, transferable skills and experience, and whether professional development/additional education/training is needed to make your career move.

  • Determination of most beneficial work environment for optimal choice in your next position (outside of career choice), including supervisory needs, team collaboration, company values, commute, and work from home/hybrid/office environment preferences. 

  • Research resources to uncover positions, people, salary information, education requirements, future industry growth, professional associations, companies, projects or opportunities of interest.

  • Weekly homework assignments to accelerate coaching process.

  • Career Management

     Learn how to be prepared for any significant career event, including:

  • Selecting education and professional development opportunities

  • Promotion opportunities and climbing the corporate ladder

  • Developing your personal brand and overall image building

  • When to move on to a new company / organization

  • Preempting unemployment / layoffs / downsizing / firing

  • Dealing with forced career changes

  • Weekly homework assignments to accelerate coaching process

  • Interview Coaching

    Participate in unique strategy sessions to identify your key success factors.

    Learn the questions and phrases that can turn an interview from an interrogation to a a collaborative effort.  

    Negotiate and justify your salary expectations.  

    Be prepared with detailed work-related stories necessary to ace the “behavioral interview.”

    Sessions can also include three or more of the following:

  • Interview coaching encompassing all Interview Types, including tips for managing each type

  • Instruction in creation of Behavioral Interview answers, creating an arsenal of answers for client interviewing success

  • Guidance in setting up a Career Portfolio to provide potential employers a visual presentation of your value to their organization

  • Additional emphasis on Phone Interviewing, including tips for both phone and video/Skype interviews

  • Guidance in writing job-cinching thank-you letters, securing valuable reference letters, and specific information to include in reference listing

  • Return-on-Investment Interviewing, Corporate Culture, Salary Negotiation, Unusual Interview Questions, and Basic Interview Questions

  • Dressing for success, interview damage control, and interviewer and interviewee body language cues. 

  • Mock Interviews

    Participate in an hour long, industry-specific interview given by external HR or industry-related management, with a second appointment consisting of detailed analysis of interview performance and tips for improvement.

  • Executive Coaching

    Explore your potential with both your current organization and external organizations, manage yourself and others, lead teams, engage employees, challenge assumptions and preconceived notions, brainstorm new ideas, make better decisions, improve communication skills, develop positive habits, be a better leader/leadership development, and facilitate behavioral change.

  • Social Media Coaching

    Learn how to use the social networks that will enhance your personal brand and career, increase your network, help you in a job search, and protect your brand ongoing.  Social Media venues included (personalized selection based on client needs):  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

  • Networking Coaching

    Explore new strategies for expanding networking opportunities during your career, whether or not you are in a job search. Learn how to approach new contacts, gather critical information, and learn why networking is the most effective way to find employment and move your career forward.

  • Personal Branding and Messaging

    Identify the specifics of your personal brand and marketing message as the focal point of your career marketing campaign. Create networking sound bites to use in telephone networking and face-to-face meetings.

  • Job Search Strategy

    Be knowledgeable about new perspectives on the job market, what works and what doesn’t, how to structure a reasonable time line, and how to conduct the “back-door” search method that has proven most effective. Learn the value of company research, and the importance of using multiple sources. From the hidden job market to development of appropriate action plan, we can guide you.

  • Image Consulting – The First Impression

    Discover your own professional style and exude a confident image through evaluation of your lifestyle, personality, and needs for your workplace, work-from-home office, or business. From garment selection/development of a professional wardrobe based on body type, to accessories, makeup and color analysis, let us help you create the image you desire. 

  • Career Assessment/Personal Profiling

    Know your strengths, why you should be hired, be able to communicate your experience in a confident manner, understand your personality or management style, or find a new career, all essential components to an effective job search and satisfying career.

  • Reference Checks – Personal and Employer

    Having trouble "sealing the deal" in your job search.  Could it be your references?  Find out what your personal and/or professional and employment references or are saying about you.

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