All client testimonials are direct from Karen’s LinkedIn.com or Google page, where real clients have put their testimonials / recommendations in a public venue as to her resume writing, career coaching, public speaking, and small business coaching abilities.  You can view all of these testimonials on her LinkedIn page (connecting directly to Karen on LinkedIn will allow for the best viewing of all recommendations) and Google.

Karen changed my life! She gave me the tools to not only believe in myself but to further myself. She built me from the ground up! If you trust the process and will be patient, you will not only have a better job, but you will be a happier and more efficient worker in the workplace. A-Plus Career and Resume, LLC helped hone me as an efficient, wealth of resource employee. For me she really educated me about the hiring process, taking the unknowns out of the equation, and crafted a resume that resulted in multiple interviews quickly. I cannot say enough good things about her Career Coaching, Job Search and Interview Coaching, and Resume Writing. In my new job she still today is having an impact. I know how to justify a raise, add more value to the employer, and handle conflict better in the workplace. You cannot afford to not use A-Plus Career and Resume. Karen can help you determine if you should prepare to get a two or four-year degree, how to use the degree you currently have, what environment you work best in, and what job-types work best for you. Do not just take a job, get the job/career you want.

  • Jonathan Pine

    Sales Professional, and client of Karen's, July 2021

I worked with Karen on job interviewing skills. She was great at helping me identify my strengths and how to navigate the job interview process, as well as what to look for in potential employers. By working through her advice, I was able to confidently interview. In the end, I received a job offer that was 50% higher than my previous salary! Thanks, Karen!

  • Rachel Caldwell Mullins

    and client of Karen's March 2021

Karen took two decades of medical practice and helped me assimilate it into something worthy of notice in today's medical CV expectations. It took me months to try to begin a medical resume myself, and each time I sat down to do it I really didn't know where to begin. 6 months of doing this and I began to search online for physician resume writing services. I found there isn't a lot, but did find a few. My phone interviews with them were just so disappointing. If your resume writer doesn't understand the medical field and cannot talk the language, how can they really help you? Karen was a huge breath of fresh air; one conversation and I knew I had found my gal. Do not hesitate to call her to interview her! She will not only welcome the opportunity, answer your questions, but also what you hear during your first phone conversation without a fee is exactly who she is after you pay the fee. She is honest and has integrity. The whole process made me feel as tho I now have a friend. I really cannot recommend her highly enough!

  • Robin Glueckert

    Physician, and client of Karen's, May 2020

Karen is one of the best in her profession. She is spot on when it comes to advice and recommendations, an expert in creating and writing resumes and cover letters, excels at preparing her clients for interviews, is super to work with and most importantly she cares deeply for her clients. Her personal touch and the time she spends getting to know you makes a huge difference. You know she has your back and has your very best interests at heart.

  • Renee Hultgren

    Communications and Events Professional, was a client of Karen’s, June 10, 2019

I went to Karen when I was looking to make a career change but wasn’t quite sure where or how to start looking. Because of her coaching, I was able to make a decision that encompassed many of my values, future goals, strengths, skills, and areas of interests. Karen is friendly and knowledgeable, and she has helped open my eyes to career paths and opportunities I didn’t even know existed. The personalized and in-depth services she offers are unparalleled to any resources I have used in the past. I cannot speak highly enough of Karen and all the ways she has helped me, and I would strongly recommend A+ Career and Resume to anybody looking to advance their career!

  • Callie Duhig

    was a client of Karen’s, April 27, 2019

I highly recommend Karen’s services. She doesn’t just write a resume for you. She help you rediscover accomplishment and skill you have forgotten. I went to her needing to find a new job. Had low self esteem and plain scared about the whole job search. She walked me through the whole process. Encouraging me along the way. Thank you Karen for everything!

  • Karima Zhiri

    Accounting Administrator, was a client of Karen’s, April 23, 2018

I knew immediately after meeting Karen that our sessions together were going to be valuable. Her knowledge in the field is evident, and she helped prepare me for my current role better than I could have imagined. Karen was detail-oriented, patient, and thoughtful when we spoke which made the process that much more enjoyable. I am so thankful for everything she taught me, as well as her help in piecing together my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn. I would highly recommend Karen’s services to anyone.

  • Ava Regan

    CHES, CPT, Client Engagement Manager, was a client of Karen’s, March 19, 2018

Awesome resume and cover letter writer! She coaches in a way that is focused, planned and tailored to fit your needs. It was great experience to organize my personal life and career life together. I believe her knowledge and expertise will continue to help others!

  • Gloria Cross

    was a client of Karen’s, November 15, 2017

I was very nervous about looking and interviewing for a new job in today’s market. Karen walked me through the process step by step. First, she did an amazing job with my resume and cover letter. Next, she covered all the bases with various interview questions, types of interviews and what to look for in interviewers and organizations. There was a lot of homework on my end, but the effort paid off. I became more comfortable and confident with each phone interview I did and all of the prep work was a huge part of that. I received a job offer after my first face-to-face interview. Karen was very supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. We covered a lot more ground including thank you letters, social media, networking, company research and more. The knowledge I have gained under Karen’s coaching will also help me with my annual reviews.

  • Susan Nelson

    was a client of Karen’s, September 19, 2017

Karen keeps current in both the human resource and small business professions, and has received several awards due to her outstanding work in those areas. She assisted with writing my resume and more when I started my job search, being new to the KC marketplace. She asked good (sometimes challenging) and relevant questions about my past experiences, responsibilities and education and from that was able to present on paper a resume that was professional, succinct and attractive to employers in my field. I recommend Karen to assist with your career advancement and resume needs.

  • Kathy Sims

    was a client of Karen’s, August 10, 2017

I was very pleased with the help I received from Karen. The resume I received was fabulous and her guidance was greatly appreciated. She is very friendly and professional and was very flexible with appointments to accommodate my work schedule. Thank you Karen!

  • Christine Baehr

    was a client of Karen’s, August 8, 2017

Before coming in I was really nervous but after talking with Karen she really got me ready for my nursing school interview. Which by the way I was accepted!!! Worth every dollar and she definitely did her research when asking me mock interview questions. Even after the 2 hr session she gave me “homework” and I walked into my interview with confidence.

  • Heather Kim

    was a client of Karen’s, June 2017

Both Karen’s resume writing and all the information she gave me in interview and job search was very valuable! Her services not only resulted in a new job, but she advised me towards a new career path. I absolutely would recommend her services to anyone! I am so blessed to have found someone with Karen’s knowledge and amazing skills!

  • Joy Spencer

    was a client of Karen’s, April 2017

I went to Karen because I needed help with my resume. What I discovered is that Karen is much more than a resume writer: she is a coach that guides you through the many steps of securing a job. I came from a very diverse background and did not think I could successfully transition to a new career path. With her expertise and encouragement, she made that happen.

Karen listened to my experience, asked me a lot of questions, and made me realize I did have the necessary skills to make a change. Because of her coaching, I was able to obtain a position in my preferred field. I would highly recommend Karen no matter what your background is or where you journey may take you.

  • David Moore

    was a client of Karen’s, January 13th, 2017

I’ve come to Karen twice now for help with my career and job placement, and both times she was instrumental in helping me secure a new position. She’s thorough, personable, and knowledgeable and keeps up to date on all the latest trends in hiring practices. I would strongly recommend using Karen to help with any type of career coaching, whether it’s updating your resume, interviewing best practices, or general job search needs.

  • Joel Hornbostle

    was a client of Karen’s, October 14th, 2016

When I contacted Karen about writing my resume, I assumed I would provide her with information, she would write a resume, and that would be the end. Instead, Karen took me on a journey. Through our discussions and the “homework” she gave, she brought back memories of my careers and my successes that I hadn’t thought about in years. She also educated me on the job search, from finding the right jobs to apply for through the interview, the follow-up, and the acceptance. This journey led to more than a resume. It led to the knowledge and confidence I needed in an executive interview to show my skills and abilities for the job. My experience with Karen was a key in my successful job search.

  • Robert Stanley

    was a client of Karen’s, February 13, 2016

Working with Karen on interview coaching and a LinkedIn update was one of most wonderful experiences I have ever had. She is definitely a professional and truly cares about you. I am extremely grateful for everything she has done for me during the time we spent together to aid my job search.

  • Han Tao

    was a client of Karen’s, January 15, 2016

I spent 20 years and some change in the Air Force and the Air National Guard and I came to Karen with a bachelor’s degree and experience in two main military areas. I was rather naive about my options in the civilian sector and where I stood in the big scheme of things because many civilian career options were unfamiliar to me. Karen set my mind at ease and guided me away from things she thought would not be a good fit for me. I am not originally from the Kansas City area; Karen filled me in on what businesses are in this area. She is also knowledgeable on the reputations’ of the companies. She was able to translate my Air Force experience, taking programs and what they do, and equated my experience with them into their civilian capacity which educated me and gave me confidence in my future. After meeting with her a few times I had decided on a target company; I had a goal. Karen and I finished the resumes, I did two with her, and I applied for a couple of jobs at the “target” company and was hired after the first interview. This happened about two months after Karen finished my resumes. She is talented, considerate, and knowledgeable. I am enjoying what I do. I feel a great sense of pride and satisfaction and I am fulfilled! I work with some pretty great people too. I can truly say that I love my job and I would not be there if it weren’t for Karen’s help and guidance.

  • Christine Newman

    was a client of Karen’s, December 6, 2015

Working with Karen was the most refreshing experience in professional resume and interview preparation for Linguist, Security, and Special Investigator positions in government. She is well versed in, and has excellent understanding of Law Enforcement, Academic, and Military job fields. In particular Karen’s sensitivities with respect to online and social network security her credibility stands out. Several prominent career services claiming expertise in linguistic, security, and detective resume writing and coaching were left wanting after a cursory conversation probing their supposed knowledge and nuanced understanding of these highly specialized and niche career fields.

Coming from a Military and Law Enforcement family, Karen has intimate experiential knowledge of the “inner circle” and related unique cultures and lifestyles involved in positions of trust. Her diverse clientele range from beltway think-tank academics, and multi-discipline specialists, to critical foreign language speakers. Interaction with Karen revealed a marked difference, putting me at ease, and assuring me that I was dealing with a woman who could truly deliver as advertised.

The insights Karen provided when formulating the resume/CV were uncanny. Her coaching for interviews, which included insightful body language overviews and assessment (yours vs theirs), basic handwriting deception indicators; and speech: octave, tonal, and tempo dynamics will help even the most seasoned professional. Karen’s guidance, suggestions, and knowledge of formatting a resume/CV to actually be read and responded to on Government job site (a seemingly impossible task) was no less impressive than the other summarily high grade services provided.

In short, a very reputable employer made contact for an interview based on a self-authored CV (with much review and input from mentors and actual HR contacts.) However, the day prior to my interview I sent the employer’s hiring team the CV Karen had tailored for the position. It was this CV which the Division Director referred to and commented on during the interview. Likewise, the panel interviewers used= a resume Karen had generated addressing another position skill-set. Furthermore, it must be stated that Karen’s expertise was used to negotiate a better salary. 20 minutes after leaving the interview, I was hired with a 10 K increase in yearly salary. A-Plus Career & Resume, LLC is a worthwhile investment, which yields professional dividends. Thank you Karen!

  • Edward Plaisance

    was a client of Karen’s, September 25, 2015

I just wanted to say to you and your followers that the coaching, kindness, knowledge and encouragement you displayed have been a saving grace to me during the grueling task of finding a new job after a lengthy hiatus. From the resume to LinkedIn and Twitter, to interview coaching, I was so pleased to actually get the very first job for which interviewed, and to be so well prepared for the incredibly detailed two-part sales interview process. I am so grateful that I met you that fateful day at the library. Your strengths are your approach and knowledge.

  • Katherine “Kat” Walters

    was a client of Karen’s, September 8, 2015

I consulted Karen my final semester of college. As a fresh graduate heading into the “real world”, Karen explained a lot about things to look for when job hunting, things I should be aware of in the field in which I was perusing, and questions to ask when I got called in for an interview. Not to mention she put together a top notch resume which helped me stand out over other graduating seniors. During my weekly meetings, Karen was very thorough on the particular lessons. For instance, during her lessons on interviews, she explained to me the 4 main kinds of interviews and how I can prepare for each. She even explained the things I should order at a restaurant if a lunch interview was proposed. Karen was so easy to work with, that I often felt that I was conversing with a close friend or relative rather than a coach. Thanks to her services, I accepted a job in my field before I graduated college. I highly recommend her services to any upcoming college graduates or those who have just accepted their diploma.

  • Sara Borneman

    was a client of Karen’s, July 15, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to work with Karen. As someone transitioning to a new career I found her expertise invaluable. Karen is knowledgeable in all areas necessary for a successful job search. I recommend Karen and her services if you are searching for your next employment opportunity.

  • Rene Burrow

    was a client of Karen’s, August 26, 2014

Karen produced the results I was looking for. She gave me the insight and knowledge I needed to help focus my job search. With her help, I landed 6 interviews and a job!

  • Michael Wehner

    was a client of Karen’s, July 30, 2014

During a very challenging time in my professional career, I reached out to Karen. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the same pathway or pursue something different. Karen was a breath of fresh air and so encouraging during our first conversation over the phone. Subsequently, I began working with her as she assisted me in composing a high quality CV/Resume. She has been recognized by professional organizations for the quality of her cover letters that catch the attention of potential employers. Karen is comprehensive in her approach and gives a great deal of attention to the development of a high quality CV/Resume. Ultimately, I put myself out into the professional market and within 3 weeks, I was interviewing for jobs. I do believe the quality of my CV/Resume and the encouragement provided by Karen were critical to my success in finding a job. I am now working in a position that is a great fit for my skills, my personality, and my expertise. Thank you, Karen!

  • Carl “C.J.” Hutto

    was a client of Karen’s, April 1, 2014

I attended several of Karen’s classes at the Johnson County Library. The information and insight she provided was so helpful. She definitely knows the current job market! I believe I got a job much sooner than if I hadn’t attended. My new employer found me on Linked In, with my updated profile from Karen’s tips.

She provides a valuable service to the community!

  • Jeni

    was with another company when working with Karen at A+ Career & Resume, LLC, January 21, 2014

Karen is not just a professional career coach and resume writer, but a coach willing to help you with her heart, I learned more than I expected from my coaching sessions, most importantly Karen helped me to find my ideal job in a very short period of time. I highly recommend Karen to all job seekers.

  • Karly Tang

    was with another company when working with Karen at A+ Career & Resume, LLC, December 12, 2013

Karen isn’t just a solid professional. She’s also a great “coach.” Karen doesn’t just guide you through the difficult task of self-analysis and introspection, but helps you outline a personal gameplan for reaching career goals. I’d recommend her for everything associated with career coaching, personal branding and resume writing. A true pro who cares!

  • Josh Looney

    was a client of Karen’s, October 31, 2012

Karen’s work product was impeccable. There is no doubt that an investment with her for resume services will pay off.

  • Robert C. Lippman

    was a client of Karen’s, October 30, 2012

Upon contacting Karen in October of 2011 for her resume writing and career coaching services, she instantly impressed me with her knowledge depth and breadth of the career industry. Her weekly coaching sessions emboldened me to professionally pursue the field myself and gave me the confidence and skills necessary to succeed. She also taught me the importance of networking and using social media techniques to leverage myself in the current competitive job market. In addition, Karen graciously hired me as an intern in January of 2012 and allowed me to assist her at local career fairs with resume and job search consulting, job club presentations, and observation of client sessions. This generosity spills over into her clients as I have observed her genuine desire to help others with encouragement and advice. Kansas City has a real gem in Karen while she tirelessly continues to help our local job seekers feel hope again, a sense of value and purpose. I highly recommend and am proud to be associated with her business.

  • Michelle Craighead M.Ed.

    was Karen’s client, July 27, 2012

Karen was very helpful to me with my resume and coaching and assisting me on pre/post interviewing. A stickler for detail and a great reference for anyone moving to a new career or just looking to change. I had great success with her help and professional input.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • Mark Eaks

    Hired Karen as a Resume Writer and Career Coach in 2011

It had been 17 years since I last looked for a job, and the employment world had changed substantially. Karen demystified the job search experience. She worked closely with me developing a customized resume that described me and my accomplishments. During the interview process, prospective employers have said that my resume is one of the best that they have ever seen.
In addition, Karen trained me on social media, and showed me how to use it to seek out new opportunities. Karen has been a pleasure to work with through-out my employment search. I would highly recommend her.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

  • Wanda Wegman

    Hired Karen as a Resume Writer and Career Coach in 2011

Karen Silins has graciously volunteered her services to the Urban League as a workshop facilitator for the League’s Career Marketplace program. We typically ask Karen to facilitate 2-4 workshops a year. My clients like her energetic and enthusiastic presentation style. Her knowledge of job search and career management is always cutting edge.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

  • Benita Ugoline

    Hired Karen as a Career Coach in 2011, and hired Karen more than once

Karen has been a “God-send” for me. After losing my job and searching for another for almost 18 months with no results, I decided I needed to take another approach in my job hunt. I found Karen on the internet and sent her a message. She called me the next day and we immediately began working on my new approach. She completely revamped my resume, gave outstanding coaching on interview techniques, and helped me create an impressive professional portfolio. All of this gave me a new confidence and preparedness that truly impressed potential employers. After working with Karen for only 3 months, I quickly landed a job with a well-known Kansas City based business in the field that I wanted. It was the best investment I could have made in myself and wish I had done it 18 months sooner.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

  • Vi Matthews

    Hired Karen as a Resume Writer and Career Coach in 2010

Karen is unparalleled in her field. She excels as a career coach, expert on resume writing, interview preparation, and mentor. She is the ultimate professional to use for career changes and job searches.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • James F Stenger

    Hired Karen as a Resume Writer and Career Coach in 2008

It was easy to recognize that Karen was the top of her game. There are very people I’ve met who have taken as much time to be proficient at their skill.

She is an A+ writer and a very savvy business woman.

  • Jeff Radich

    President, Founder, Estate Plan Center, Inc., Was a consultant or contractor to Karen at A+ Career & Resume, LLC, May 21, 2009

Working with Karen to organize my company was one of the best decisions I ever made. Despite the chaos an organization can have, she stayed clear headed and focused throughout the entire process. One of many attributes that stands out was her listening ear and then her follow up recommendations to those situations. I would highly recommend her to any business professional needing to streamline their business practices. Karen owns A+ Careers, and I give her an A+ in her business ethics and methodologies.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

  • Rodney L.

    Hired Karen as a Career Coach in 2008, and hired Karen more than once

Karen provided the highest of quality and service. Her gift to my wife and me was “focus”. It’s what she does best. Anytime your are in transition, it’s difficult. Karen allowed us to communicate and then she brought us back to where things are. I liked that!
Additionally, she has heart. Most of the people I’ve worked with in this industry lack that component. Combine that with her experience and background…well, you have a winning combo. If you want it done right, if you want it done on time, and if you want a fantastic product at the end of the day….contact Karen.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

  • Wayne Flansburg, CITRMS

    Hired Karen as a Resume Writer and Career Coach in 2007

Karen is exceptional at career coaching and resume writing. Her system is one of the most thorough and thought provoking exercises I have experienced with phenomenal results. Her ideas and suggestions helped me find the “perfect” job!

  • Greg Elliott

    Director of Business Development, 1102 GRAND, LLC Was with another company when working with Karen at A+ Career & Resume, LLC, February 1, 2009

Karen is a dedicated professional who stays current with best practices and gives her best to clients.

  • Dr. Joni Carley

    Owner, Wisdom at Work Was a consultant or contractor to Karen at A+ Career & Resume, LLC, January 30, 2009