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A-Plus Career & Resume are the industry experts in resume creation. We set the standards.  We do not cater to one or two careers or industries, but after 20+ years in business, we can write for any job, career, or industry.

Regardless of why you need a resume (changing jobs, changing careers, layoff, position elimination, dismissal), we not only help you with the full development of the resume, but coach you during the process.

Let's face it, the job search of today produces a great deal of frustration!  Whether a new job search, burnout from a long job search, changing careers, or age discrimination, we can help you craft an entire plan, from resume writing through interview, to negotiation and acceptance of your new job.

  • Traditional careers: sales, marketing, executives, management, project management, business analyst, customer service, engineering, architecture, construction, teaching, nonprofit, operations/supply chain management, new graduate, mothers returning to work, and others too numerous to list.

  • Specialty resumes/careers: medical cv resume (physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, researchers, physician assistants), executive resumes, law, higher education, military-to-civilian, military intelligence, law enforcement (federal, state, county and local), white house appointees and those transitioning back to private sector, and IT specialties, inclusive of DevOps, cyber security, and cloud computing.

How We Work

We will create a unique, personalized resume or resume package that markets your experience, skills, and career accomplishments effectively. It doesn’t matter if you are in Kansas City or another location in the U.S., Canada, or worldwide. You will still receive the personalized service our clients have come to expect.  See under RESUME PACKAGES below for the services you can expect. 



You aren’t cookie-cutter and neither is your resume so pricing can’t be determined by merely picking a package online. You receive an exact resume or resume package pricing quote after a FREE in-depth phone consultation to determine the complexity of your project and specific experience. This means, no extras to be added on later unless you decide you want more services – no surprises – just a clear-cut price.

Please call Karen Silins at 816-942-3019 or contact us for a price quote and package discounts.

Resume Packages

Every resume and cover letter we create is designed to ensure a successful job search, to give you peace of mind in case of an unexpected organizational downsizing or dismissal, return to the workforce, new graduate starting out, or for your business.  All resumes are unique, each resume package is tailored to your needs.


Resume Package - Full Service

†  Collection of data for your resume to identify your most marketable skill sets, accomplishments, and tangible examples that document key strengths for your industry or position(s) of choice.


†  Resume and cover letter interview sessions for adjunct information often missed on resumes, cover letter, resume experience, and Behavioral Interviewing facilitating both your resume development and interviewing skills.

†  Composition and design of resume or resume/cv.

†  Composition and design of cover letter.

†  Instruction in tailoring resume and cover letter for posting to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and specific job ads.

All coaching is FREE of charge in THIS PACKAGE and will be PERSONALIZED TO YOUR NEEDS, and utilization or non-utilization does not change package price.†  Sessions tailored in order of client need. 

†  Creation or revamping of LinkedIn profile.  No Charge

†  Guidance in setting up a Career Portfolio, Networking Coaching, and Personal Brand Management (including social media utilization). No Charge

†  Interview coaching, including Behavioral Interviews, Interview Types, References and Reference Letters, Questions to Ask, Corporate Culture, Salary Negotiation, Basic Interview Questions, and Powerful Phone Interviewing. No Charge

†  Job Search Coaching, encompassing best job boards, how to search for a job effectively, uncovering unadvertised positions, using headhunters, recruiters, and retained search firms, and positions with limited or with single source advertising. No Charge

†  Guidance in writing job-cinching thank-you letters and securing valuable reference letters. No Charge


Resume Package - Quick Turnaround

Two resume and cover letter interview sessions with resume sent at close of second appointment and cover letter to follow, for individuals in need of a resume quickly.  No coaching or LinkedIn profile update is included with the package.

*Sometimes a job is available and you only have a week or two apply, and it may be the only job you want to apply for at this time.  This is the package for you.


Resume Package - Business Resume

In depth interviews over a series of session for gathering of resume and cover letter, letter of intent or marketing letter information, identification of your most marketable skill set(s) that relate to your new or existing business, accomplishments, and tangible examples that document your key strengths.

Cover Letter, Letter of Intent, Marketing Letter included.  Client choice.

Free coaching provided on Thought Leadership, Personal Branding, and Crafting of a Business/Career Portfolio.

  • Review

    Detailed interviews with comprehensive gathering of information for your resume and cover letter, identification of your most marketable skill set(s), accomplishments, and tangible examples that document your key strengths and career achievements.

  • Key Words and Key Phrases

    Today, when you apply online for position, your resume is read by a computer via an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  Those systems look for key words and key phrases that are specific to a given job.  We ensure that the key words and key phrases that relate to your specific career type(s) are represented in the resume(s) and cover letter(s) we prepare for you.  Furthermore, we train you in how to use the job ads to your advantage in personalizing your resume and cover letter for even more success. 

  • Resume Documents

    After the thorough interview process we compose and design your resume, cover letter, and any other career documents you require, based on resume package.

  • Interview Preparation

    Preparation for Behavioral Interviewing, Interview Types, Basic Questions, Return-on-Investment Interviewing, Phone Interviewing, Salary Negotiation, and Corporate Culture Conversations.

    We discuss in-person, phone, text, and video interviews requirements, and those companies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the interview process and how you deal with this challenge effectively.  

    Work environment preference is now part of the interview.  Learn how to ask the right questions and manage inquiries about requirements for in-office, hybrid, and work from home (WFH) environments.   

  • Networking and Social Media Coaching

    Composition of new or updating of existing LinkedIn.  How to network both in-person and online, finding networking opportunities, and developing contacts.  Discussion of utilization of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other adjunct social media currently used.  This ensures you protect your personal brand while still promoting yourself appropriately online.

  • Career Portfolio Development

    Guidance in setting up a career portfolio to assist in interviewing and networking, and ongoing career management.  A comprehensive career portfolio offers both proof of achievements, and a visual presentation of your value to an organization.  It can also assist business owners in cultivating new clients.

  • ATS Utilization

    Instruction in tailoring of resume and cover letter for applying to job postings.  We provide training to help you do this task quickly, show you what to look for in a job ad for appropriate customization, while still maintaining the original content created for you.

  • Thank You Letters & References

    Instruction in crafting thank you letters, obtaining references, and acquiring recommendation letters.

  • Advice

    Information on the best Job Board Aggregators, Corporate Research Resources, Illegal Interview Questions, Personal Branding, and Protecting Yourself in an Online Job Search.

  • Supplementary Resume Services

    We offer many additional services beyond just standard resume creation. Some of these are listed below.

  • Additional Cover Letter(s) (based on industry or position-type)

  • Professional Bio:  Creation of abbreviated and full page professional bios for use on website, for speaking engagements, and in social media venues.

  • Personalized Cover Letter for specific job

  • Personalized Acceptance or Resignation Letters

  • Reference Listing

  • Salary History

  • Personalized Thank You or Follow Up Letters

  • Personalized Networking Letters

  • Rush Services

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