Tech War for Talent – Is It Over?

Referencing comment to article on cooling of the war for tech talent, and they “why’s” behind it. Here are my observations as to why, and advice to keep it from happening to other companies, tech or otherwise: So many startups were like many large companies prior to the great recession that started in 2006. …

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The Hiring Decision Problem

A colleague (Bernie Reifkind) recently posted the following on LinkedIn: ME: Respectfully, will there be a JOB OFFER forthcoming? My job candidate has been on 5 interviews over 2 months.CLIENT: We should know something by the end of next week.ME: Respectfully you are running the risk of losing this candidate, she is entertaining other offers.CLIENT: …

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Entrepreneur and Leadership Live

I was honored to be a guest on Michael Thieman’s podcast earlier this year, and wanted to share on my blog. Here is the link via YouTube: How does a “brand” impact both the company and person?  Why is it important to cultivate a business brand for a small business?  Should a company executive create …

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Job Search

Is Your Technology Stopping Your Search in Its Tracks?

Expect everyone to text you? Rarely listen to real voicemail messages? Utilizing voice-to-text or text-to-voice technology to screen your calls (those are some unusual messages)? Well, you are losing out on REAL interviews that could lead to REAL jobs, from REAL companies. While I often write about challenges of the jobseeker, this one is about how …

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Job Application Process

Save Yourself Time When Applying For Jobs

When applying for jobs online you will see many commonly asked questions repeated across applications. Help yourself by creating answers to the repeat questions ahead of time. Each time you see a question restated in another job application, or you think it has the potential to be a recurring question, save it in a Word …

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