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It's All About Control

It’s All About Control

It was National Employee Appreciation Day last month, but you can’t tell.  While individuals are increasingly seeking a better balance in their work, companies are pushing back.  Despite the fact things changed permanently after March of 2020, many corporations haven’t recognized this reality.  All that wonderful talk about taking care of people has been replaced …

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Ghosting, Ghosting, and more Ghosting: The Why’s

Ghosting, Ghosting, and more Ghosting:  The Why’s

In keeping with the Halloween season, let’s discuss the why’s behind so much ghosting, and a couple of tips to help you weather that storm. After all, when you know it is going to happen, and have some strategies to deal with it, you will be better able to move forward in your search. Some …

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Tech War for Talent – Is It Over?

Referencing comment to article on cooling of the war for tech talent, and they “why’s” behind it. Here are my observations as to why, and advice to keep it from happening to other companies, tech or otherwise: So many startups were like many large companies prior to the great recession that started in 2006. …

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AI and Hiring

With all the hubbub about AI in hiring, we should remember it can help in certain areas. From qualifying candidates struggling to understand ATS keywords to assessing true jobseeker skills, it can benefit. AI can posit additional keywords that apply and help a candidate to make it past the scanner! Yes, AI only works as …

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Companies complain they are bleeding experienced employees, or laughing off the exodus by saying it’s just part of the Great Migration.  If you are seeing this happen in your company, ask yourself some serious questions, and stop making assumptions.  Every talented employee is a loss of productivity, innovation, brain trust, and good will.  How long …


The Hiring Decision Problem

A colleague (Bernie Reifkind) recently posted the following on LinkedIn: ME: Respectfully, will there be a JOB OFFER forthcoming? My job candidate has been on 5 interviews over 2 months.CLIENT: We should know something by the end of next week.ME: Respectfully you are running the risk of losing this candidate, she is entertaining other offers.CLIENT: …

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Work-Life Balance

The Ideal Work-Life Balance: Companies that are Getting It Right!

Thank you to Casandra Andrews and for my latest interview with their publication. Here is the article in its entirety: Here’s how some companies are helping staff members strike a healthy balance between home life and their jobs. There’s nothing like living through nearly two years of a global health pandemic — with much …

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Employee Benefits

What Benefits Generation Z and Millennial Workers Actually Want?

Both Generation Z and Millennial employees are going to change the way business does business, and how employees are viewed in the workplace, and I believe for the good. Despite what is said by supposed experts, Millennial’s do not hate capitalism, but hate corrupt capitalism. Daily, in very challenging environments, they are working diligently to change it …

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The Great Resignation

Currently we’re hearing about the “Great Resignation of 2021,” and many are asking if this is really an issue. Here are a few reasons that this headline is true: –Remote workers are having to return to the workplace despite being highly productive from home. From lack of stress in a daily commute to infrastructure already existing to …

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