Companies complain they are bleeding experienced employees, or laughing off the exodus by saying it’s just part of the Great Migration.  If you are seeing this happen in your company, ask yourself some serious questions, and stop making assumptions.  Every talented employee is a loss of productivity, innovation, brain trust, and good will.  How long can you afford to allow this to happen? 

The fact is it takes time and a whole lot of your revenue to replace your valuable employees.  Why are you allowing this to continue, often saying you will do something about it, then doing nothing? Just having meetings complaining about the Great Resignation won’t cut it? 

Are You Using Exit Interviews?

If you really want to find out why people are leaving, then EXIT INTERVIEWS are where you start.  You must be willing to hear the real reasons for employees fleeing your company.  Find out the “why’s” and tell the employee to be blatantly honest in their recommendations. If you won’t make the changes, like addressing bad management or paying appropriately, etc., the revolving door will continue!

Here are a few things you need to ask yourself?

Bad Management, No Diversity, Pay Issues

Are you allowing terrible managers to run amok?  Micromanagers are a huge issue for most companies and chase employees away at breakneck speed. These managers have constant negative feedback, protect themselves at all costs, and badger everyone into submission.

What is your organization doing to engage employees and communicate that they are valuable?  Are you offering better benefits, a company newsletter, employee bonus opportunities, or wellness initiatives?

Is your organization diverse – not just color or sexual orientation, but across the board?  Do you only hire and keep people that share your opinions or beliefs?  FURTHERMORE:  Do you hire people with a diversity of experience, not just perceived unicorns?

Are you mandating all employees return to the office without consideration to performance? Many employees have earned the right to work from home based on performance and aren’t needed in the office?

Do you give sign on bonuses and higher salaries to new employees while ignoring your hard-working current employees?

Are you seeing good, or even record profit and revenue, then telling employees they’re lucky to have a job? Do you avoid giving solid raises and bonuses in the name of profit?

Do you try to get extra work out of your people, and/or run short staffed, creating workplace burnout?

Check my next article titled “How to Retain Your Talent” for some solutions.