How to Make Education an Investment After College

How to Make Education and Investment After College

I have to admit, this was totally unexpected. A reporter from the Wall Street Journal emailed me at the end of 2022 asking for article quotes. I thought it must be a spam email, but checked out the reporter, and it was actually real! So, take another item off that bucket list! Thank you to Veronica Dagher, a very accomplished book author and writer for the Wall Street Journal’s Personal Finance section for the interview. She was kind enough to quote me twice. Below is the excerpt followed by the link to the article.

“For instance, attaining a project management professional, or PMP, certification could boost salary by 5% to 25% for someone in that field, particularly in a job search, said Karen Silins, a career coach in Kansas City, Mo. An employee who believes in lifelong learning shows self-motivation and that they can be coached, said Ms. Silins. Such employees will likely be hard workers and understand they don’t have all the answers, she said.”