Resume Tip

When referencing software and systems used on your resume, do two things.  First, avoid using only the title Microsoft Office as the catch-all for your software listing.  Instead, for better keyword utilization and numbers of keywords, use Microsoft Office and then the specific programs you know, like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, Project, Teams, etc.  Don’t forget other software you have used in the last three years. From ERP Systems and their programs, like SAP and Oracle, to Adobe Creative Suite, Workday, or Kronos, this detail matters.

Then in a few bullet points, where warranted, reference creating an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation, or that you use multiple programs within and SAP or Oracle ERP systems. Remember, the use of only Microsoft Office in your resume could mean three or four programs or 10+.  Don’t assume they know what you have used, tell them, and increase your key word game as well!