AI and Hiring

With all the hubbub about AI in hiring, we should remember it can help in certain areas. From qualifying candidates struggling to understand ATS keywords to assessing true jobseeker skills, it can benefit. AI can posit additional keywords that apply and help a candidate to make it past the scanner! Yes, AI only works as …

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Job Application Process

Save Yourself Time When Applying For Jobs

When applying for jobs online you will see many commonly asked questions repeated across applications. Help yourself by creating answers to the repeat questions ahead of time. Each time you see a question restated in another job application, or you think it has the potential to be a recurring question, save it in a Word …

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Respect the Jobseeker’s Valuable Time

Whether my clients are discussing their frustrations with the current job search environment, or seminar, workshop and career fair attendees are venting, some complaints remain constant, and one of those complaints is “why are companies wasting my time?”  I know organizations are busier than ever, and employee and management hours have increased, but if you …

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