It's All About Control

It’s All About Control

It was National Employee Appreciation Day last month, but you can’t tell.  While individuals are increasingly seeking a better balance in their work, companies are pushing back.  Despite the fact things changed permanently after March of 2020, many corporations haven’t recognized this reality.  All that wonderful talk about taking care of people has been replaced […]

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Human Resources

Does Everyone Really Hate HR – Two Perspectives?

Workforce Perspective: Zety, a job search/job seeker targeted publisher, polled 926 American workers regarding HR, and their thoughts on various issues in dealing with HR. You can find the report at https://zety.com/blog/is-hr-human to view the full study. Here are some of the results: 37% of people won’t report being sexually harassed at work. 43% won’t report discrimination.  84% won’t report a fellow worker not doing

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