Candidate Profiles

The New Candidate Profiles and Their Impact on Your Job Search or Business

How many times have you heard the statement to be careful what you post online? Well, it turns out that companies are exploiting information they can access in the public domain about job candidates, including those posts you wish you had never made. Whether full-time, part-time, contract or temporary worker, a company may wish to know just …

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Shake It Off

About two to three times a year someone writes a “Nasty-Gram” article about how all Career Coaches and Resume Writers are charlatans, and naturally professionals in this industry get very upset.  This is what happened in the most recent case with Matt Charney’s article on Recruiting Daily.  Mind you Matt is “friends” with many of …

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Respect the Jobseeker’s Valuable Time

Whether my clients are discussing their frustrations with the current job search environment, or seminar, workshop and career fair attendees are venting, some complaints remain constant, and one of those complaints is “why are companies wasting my time?”  I know organizations are busier than ever, and employee and management hours have increased, but if you …

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Unemployment Discrimination

Too many articles are currently talking about the talent shortage, but the sad thing is many of these companies that say they have difficulty finding good candidates are discriminating against the unemployed, sometimes those with as little as one month of unemployment. I highly encourage organizations to take a hard look at their system if they …

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