Top 7 Tips for Week of 12/05/11

  1. Networking is a habit cultivated to create opportunities throughout your career, not a one-off activity exclusively for the job search.
  2. Networking with others isn’t about you, but about the other person. Ask questions about their career and job search and see contacts increase.
  3. Follow up with those networking contacts, and don’t let the “holidays” excuse stand in your way. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  4. Thank you letters are a necessity. Set yourself apart from competition, send a thank you letter detailing why you’re perfect for the job.
  5. Job seekers must realize that nothing put online in a social media venue is truly private. Keep your comments professional or don’t comment.
  6. Avoid objective statements on resumes, use job titles instead and make sure the resume reflects that job title! Objective statements are about what you want. Today it’s about what the company wants!
  7. Stay away from resume and cover letter templates, they are overused. Go to the library and look at samples in books by Wendy Enelow, Louise Kursmark and Susan Whitcomb containing a variety of industry expert examples to create a unique look without going too “outside the box.”

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