The Issue of Employee Engagement and the Talent Shortage

The Issue of Employee Engagement and the Talent Shortage
Employee Engagement

A recent article stated that HR is the main issue in employees not staying with an organization or not feeling engaged, however I would like to counter that this is a combined problem of HR and the Executive Suite. Too much work and no reward for extra effort, limited, cost of living, or no raises, employee engagement talked about but not really implemented, work-life balance ignored, bad employees kept, bad management kept, micromanaging bosses with both HR and E-Suite ignoring the problem, discrimination against unemployed individuals applying for jobs, allowing analyst/accounting to make all decisions about cuts throughout the company with little to no input from the departments effected, watching Executive Suite cut staff and overtime while complaining about work not getting done and then pocketing nice bonuses, etc. You want talent, reward the talent. You want engaged employees – show them they matter. Counsel or rid your organization of micro-managers – they may get results but they ruin their people and often chase them right out of the company. Stop worrying about your bonuses to the exclusion of your employee’s needs. Yes, HR and the Executive Suite also put up with a great deal of pressure and issues that their employees create, but the talent shortage and engaement issues stem from a multitude of problems that all must be addressed by the organization as a whole.

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