Think Before You Post!

Think Before You Post!
Social Media Posting

A new TLNT article regarding “Caustic Twitter Rants Cost Employee His Job AND Unemployment Benefits” showcases the need for common sense in all Internet-based communications (email, social media, article comments, etc.).  Thus why I tell clients, just because you think it, doesn’t mean everyone has to hear about it. While we have freedom of speech, often workers tend to feel that they can say anything they want without consequence, and when it comes to workplace issues, politics, religion, or salacious comments about other individuals or groups, those comments can and often do backfire on a person. This can result in job loss, denial of unemployment benefits, lawsuits, and general bad feelings. Again, just because you think it, like the picture/cartoon, and want to say it or post it doesn’t mean you need to actually put it out on the Internet, or share it with everyone. I absolutely respect anyone’s right to freedom of speech, but that freedom comes with responsibility – use it wisely and you will see your career prosper, use it unwisely and risk negative consequences.  Post, blog, comment, email and Tweet wisely my friends!!!

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