6 Career Coaches Share How To Discover Your Passion

6 Career Coaches hare How To Discover Your Passion

I was delighted to participate in a colleague’s recent “experts article” as a career coach, on “how to discover your career passion.”  I have included my part of the article and a link to the full article below:

“First, have the job seeker go through an exercise that is very revealing and can detect patterns they may not realize. Take multiple pieces of paper and split them into four columns. The first column will start with your most recent company, and the second column, your most recent job title. The third and fourth columns are very important – make a detailed list of what you liked (column three) and what you didn’t like (column four), AND WHY, for each job. If you had multiple jobs for one company, do this exercise for each job title.

Take this exercise all the way back to your first job. This will help you see trends in bosses, tasks, colleagues, benefits, pay, organizational culture, and other items you liked and those creating issues. You can also go through each job and identify skills learned to utilize in creation of a resume. This is just the start of discovering your new career, but it will be the most important one.”

Article link:  https://www.offtheclockresumes.com/blog/6-career-coaches-share-how-to-discover-your-passion