Working, Post COVID

Back to Work after COVID

How do we deal with work-from-home post COVID?  While there are people who can work from home and do so effectively, actually most are not wired to do so.  Look around you at work.  How many people struggle to pay attention, keep looking at their cell phones, may already dislike their work but can’t seem to move on, and/or pop up their Facebook pages and home shopping on the work computer?  How many people do you see that need people interaction, not just a Chatty Kathy, but those that truly enjoy in-person communication with others?  That only leaves about two out of every 10 people to work from home successfully. 

Most individuals are too easily distracted, already struggle to “do work” at the workplace, are actually workaholics and being in a business environment helps control that problem, and/or need the in-person interaction of others to maintain their sanity.  The COVID crisis, and so many struggling to work from home has made this quite apparent.  It isn’t just about working with your spouse or children in the same room.  Besides, can you really call it a home office if it is your kitchen table or couch.

I have had more than one colleague who worked from home and quit doing so due to time management, distraction and interpersonal engagement issues.  Additionally, I have had numerous clients fail in a business while working from home, hate doing so for an employer, or had their spouse experience the same, because of identical issues.  This doesn’t make you a bad employee – it makes you human, and a person who either wants or needs to be in a traditional work environment.  Knowing that you need a conventional office atmosphere, makes you a good employee! 

But Karen, we have video chat, IM’s, and email, etc.  Yes, we do, and this type of technology actually means more time wasting for many employees than it ever creates.  Look at those who can’t even manage their cell phone texting or emails. Understanding this fact gives us power and control, a huge benefit to our career.

Interaction, not just in the periphery, in social distancing, or via Zoom, is necessary for human beings.  From hugs during tough times to just sitting close to another human being, we ARE wired to do these things!  Certainly, our current environment has changed things, but this to shall pass. Precautions can be taken at work to mitigate risk and keep you safe. Admit it if you can’t really work from home, it will be of value to both your career and personal life.

Karen Silins is a multi-certified, award winning resume writer, career, business and personal branding coach working with individuals and small businesses. After graduating with degrees in education and vocal performance, she made her own career transition into the Human Resources realm. Karen left Human Resources to become an entrepreneur and help jobseekers, executives and fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals. She keeps current regarding trends in the resume writing, coaching, HR, small business and marketing industries by working daily with individual clients on resume development and career coaching, executive/career management coaching, consulting for small businesses in marketing, blogging, hiring and overall HR processes, and providing 20-50+ seminars and workshops annually to a variety of organizations in the greater Kansas City area. She can be reached via her website at