Why People Really Leave Jobs

Despite the supposed studies to the contrary, this is spot on. The number one reason people literally flee their current job, will quit on the spot without notice, or have zero engagement and just wither away until fired or laid off, is due to a bad manager. Over 20 years of coaching and writing resumes for my clients, and always digging deep as to the reason they are leaving, this is the number one reason people leave.

When will Corporate America start promoting those with management and leadership talent from the start? When will they provide ongoing training to all of their management? When will they eliminate the lazy promotion of people who are “good at their last job,” into management roles? From micromanagement disasters, to nasty egomaniacs, to the disengaged manager allowing their employees to languish, these bosses are like having a giant mower constantly cut you down until you become a bitter, resentful employee, or quit.