Positive Self-Talk Can Increase Women’s Career and Personal Achievement

The article link below discusses the “labeling” women often use to describe themselves. I commented on the article on LinkedIn, and thought you might find the content useful.

“I believe this is a real issue for women. From “I am just a stay at home mom,” to stating “I am just” and inserting a job title, there is a lot of minimization of value and skill. Ladies, you are never “just” anything, and we must encourage our fellow female friends, colleagues and clients to embrace their talents, education/training, and most importantly, value to the world! Take the word “just” and other limiting words out of your self-description vocabulary. Do the same when describing others – build yourself and others up and watch your world blossom into something amazing!” #coaching #personalbranding #success #leadership, #motivation #personaldevelopment #inspiration #mindset #careers #womenbusinessowners 

Article link:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/view-the-mist/201604/caution-using-self-labels-can-be-hazardous-your-health