Career Income Jump Summit: Participant Tips for Job Search Success

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If you’re coming here after hearing me speak at Career Income Jump Summit, thank you.

Here are a couple of excerpts from my presentation to help you in your job search.

To truly have job search success, you must be both tenacious and optimistic.  However, there are times when the most determined jobseeker can struggle with frustration.  You can feel drained at the thought of sending out yet another resume or looking at more job postings.  Furthermore, a jobseeker can experience extreme overwhelm from the stress of monetary obligations, family tensions, and the inevitable no’s, while not seeing progress in their search.  Here are some helpful suggestions and book resources that can help you maintain your sanity and resolve during a challenging search!

  1. A job search takes time!!!  You MUST keep this in the back of your mind in all job search activities, AT ALL TIMES.  The average search takes about five to six months, which means many people have a job search that lasts longer.  While there are those who have quick job search experiences, being realistic will avoid a lot of disappointment.
  2. Clean your work area.  If your office/work area in general is a mess, you create chaos around you.  Make sure you are working from a tidied area, and you will have increased productivity and a more positive attitude.
  3. Set your daily tasks into time chunks.  Want to decrease project/task stress and see immediate success?  Then eliminate the overwhelm.  When you get something done without distractions, even in short spurts of time, the feelings of satisfaction will motivate you on to another “time chunk” and ultimately, completion of the project or task.  Take things in chunks of time, from 10 minutes to one-hour, and see your To-Do list quickly shrink to DONE!”
  4. Avoid all the honey-do projects during the regular workday.  Often, our spouses/partners, parents, children, etc., will have lengthy lists of what they think “we” should accomplish during our job search.  Typically, their lists have little to do with the job search and more about wants – like painting a room, running constant errands, and other projects that aren’t going to help you get a job.  Treat all grocery shopping, laundry, special projects, etc., like what they are – items to be done when you aren’t working on your job search during Monday through Friday, at least four to five hours daily.

For a full list, watch for the next Career Income Jump Summit, or attend one of my seminars.