Tech War for Talent – Is It Over?

Referencing comment to article on cooling of the war for tech talent, and they “why’s” behind it. Here are my observations as to why, and advice to keep it from happening to other companies, tech or otherwise: So many startups were like many large companies prior to the great recession that started in 2006. …

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AI and Hiring

With all the hubbub about AI in hiring, we should remember it can help in certain areas. From qualifying candidates struggling to understand ATS keywords to assessing true jobseeker skills, it can benefit. AI can posit additional keywords that apply and help a candidate to make it past the scanner! Yes, AI only works as …

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Entrepreneur and Leadership Live

I was honored to be a guest on Michael Thieman’s podcast earlier this year, and wanted to share on my blog. Here is the link via YouTube: How does a “brand” impact both the company and person?  Why is it important to cultivate a business brand for a small business?  Should a company executive create …

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Work-Life Balance

The Ideal Work-Life Balance: Companies that are Getting It Right!

Thank you to Casandra Andrews and for my latest interview with their publication. Here is the article in its entirety: Here’s how some companies are helping staff members strike a healthy balance between home life and their jobs. There’s nothing like living through nearly two years of a global health pandemic — with much …

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