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No Formal Training? 14 Ways To Sharpen Skills Outside Of Work

A comment to a Forbes Coaches Council question on training and career development outside of work was featured in a December 23rd, 2020 Forbes Coaches Council / Forbes Online article. I have included a link to the full article at the bottom, and the article introduction and my quote (#7) below: While employers often stress …

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New Skills

Level Up Your Soft Skills to Grow Your Career

A colleague recently asked about increasing soft skills, including resources and how to go about it. Here is my answer and the link to the article she wrote from it. Lezlie, thanks for asking about leveling up soft skills.  Blessedly, there are tremendous free and low-cost options for people to obtain professional development online and …

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View Challenges as Opportunities

View Challenges as Opportunities!

Challenges and mistakes are opportunities for learning.  Instead of seeing an issue, error or new software as a pain, see it as learning – an ability to expand your mind, obtain a new skill, or to ensure you don’t make the same mistake a second time.  Your resistance is usually fear of the unknown, or …

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Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication, Communication, Communication!

In real estate it’s all about one thing:  location, location, location.  In the ever changing business environment however, the mantra should be:  communication, communication, communication.  Those frequent business changes also necessitate flexibility in how we communicate to customers, peers, management, suppliers, and especially to our own workforce. For those of you who are closer to …

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Job Search

Sites You Should Be Using

I am often asked by clients, seminar and workshop attendees and colleagues to recommend websites to bolster professional development, career and networking/business opportunities.  With the myriad of sites available on the Internet, culling the herd can be exhausting and time consuming.  My recommendations will come in blog posts over the upcoming months in three subject areas:  …

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